Pam Granger Gale

Marble Majik
offers Bow Ties for Men and designer T shirts for all ages.

I use the 17th Century technique of floating paint on a thickened water surface. The paint is 

manipulated using combs and picks. For men's bow ties, I place a  yard of fabric on the surface 

of the paint design, the fabric soaks up the paint and some gel.  After drying and heat setting, I 

cut out the bow tie out of selected fabric for the best designs.Then the bow tie is stitched using 

my 50 year old Singer sewing machine.

For the designer t shirts, I spot marble the design for high contrast. There are historical patterns 

like stone, feather, non-pariel and bouquet. 

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Paper Majik has been creating handmade paper products since 1990. 

I create hand made paper products using the 300+ year old Chinese tradition of beating 

fibers to make the paper using modern technology like electricity. My handmade paper 

products are originals and can not be machine made or mass produced.

I create many hand made paper products such as, note cards, scrapbooking paper, 

journals which are covered with my paper, lanterns and lamps for the home.

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